Words of Welcome

As we become more accepting of ourselves, valuing ourselves, and owning our worthiness and ability to get what we need, we are more capable of finding happiness and contentment in our lives.

I hope that this website will be helpful to you. Please email me with any comments or suggestions that you may have concerning the content.

~ Kit Jones, M.Ed., L.P.C.

The Nature Of Counseling

Everyone can benefit from professional counseling services at some point during their lifetime. Seeking help from a professional counselor is a sign of strength and a desire to make changes in one’s life.

The counseling relationship between client and therapist is based on mutual trust and respect, centered around joint attempts to find solutions to problems and challenges that restrict personal growth or satisfaction.

Clients are encouraged to learn to see and experience themselves and the world around them more accurately in a safe, nurturing, and confidential atmosphere that supports growth and change in emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

Culturally Sensitive Counseling

Kit Jones provides culturally sensitive counseling to Adult Individuals, Couples, Families, or Groups for:

  • Relationship Difficulties Anger, fear, and conflict, commitment, jealousy, finances, emotional numbness or distance, and culture clashes
  • Life Transitions Aging, relocating, career or job change, separation or divorce, sudden illness, changes in sexual orientation, “empty nest”
  • Depression (mild to severe) For persons who are having trouble functioning in their activities of daily living
  • Isolation Alienation, feelings of inferiority, inadequacy, loneliness
  • Stress and Anxiety Due to pressures from work, relationships, personal history, or guilt; or generalized anxiety or stress
  • Adult Survivors Of abuse, neglect, or trauma
  • Addictions and Codependence